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Charlie Brown for Congress? What an asshole!
I'm pretty sure that at some point, my email address has been associated with my registration on the voter rolls because I've had a number of candidates email me for their campaign in my district, which, along with calling my phone number and leaving automated messages, makes my selection process easier by letting me remove them from contention...

But it's hard to not vote for somebody when their spam list isn't even properly constructed, such that they are spamming people who don't even live in their district.
Hand Drawn Map Association(via)
Fun! Hand drawn maps with interesting properties. I should draw up my "How I navigate the bay area" map.
I had to know how the SpaceX launch went...
I got in trouble with Mrs. Wirehead in the movie theater...
Yet another big re-sorting
So I've decided that, since I'm not actually using the del.icio.us as a social platform to find new links but mostly as a collector of things I've found while trying to figure something out via web searching or cool stuff I see linked from various blogs, there''s no reason not to move most of my bookmarks and all of my links on del.icio.us here...
Melting down your data(via)
This is one very good way to make sure that nobody ever manages to recover your data.
Training AI via brain scans(via)
The funny thing here is that I could have been super-predictive because I wrote a science fiction story that died in rewrites about this very subject..... Oh well.
Liberated Games(via)
I should play with some of these. I've come to love old games more than new ones.
Nokia N95, new Rm version, three hard drive crashes in a row
I'm playing with a Nokia N95 for a few weeks. I just pushed a new version of Rm, and I lost three Western Digital drives in a row.
The Vanishing Personal Site(via)
This is something that I've given a lot of thought to...
Apple IIgs laptop(via)
I've always got a soft spot for the Apple IIgs. Somebody modded one into a laptop.
Email bankruptcy... is it inevitable?
The short story is that I'm hideously overwhelmed about my email archives and have spent a number of hours trying to get them in shape.
Where It's At (got two hard disks and a motherboard)
Where I suffer hardware problems and decide to make a newegg order.
AT&T Works in more places... like NSA Headquarters(via)
I love the Billboard Liberation Front.
Improv Everywhere: Desktops in Starbucks(via)
This is brilliant. I, however, have an even better idea. :D
Deep thoughts
Deep thoughts, by The Wirehead... If programs could scream, would we be so cavalier about kill -9ing them? We might, if they screamed all the time, for no good reason.