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40 Years After Apollo 11: A few things we really don't know about space but ought to
There are a few things about space travel and science that it bugs the heck out of me that we don't know...
40 Years after Apollo 11: The problem with blindly going on to mars
Mars has been on the books as the next step after the moon for a long time. Some people think that our next step towards space needs to center around going to Mars. I''m going to write about why this may not be the great idea you think it is...
40 Years after Apollo 11: What to do in space?
There are a lot of things that can be done in space. The problem is, we really don't know what's really useful to do up there. People came to America to hunt for gold, but that's not a big part of the modern economy. They came here to find spices and other goods from Asia but found a new continent instead...
40 Years after Apollo 11: The giant elephant in the room
We like to talk about the big reason why we don't have much of a presence in space as being political will or the lack of a cold war or even things like not having anything especially important to do. I don''t believe it. The real giant elephant in the room, that nobody likes to talk about, is the cost of getting up to space...
The state of the space program, 40 years after Apollo 11'
We are in the final years of the space shuttle program. Potentially, we're quite close to the end of our space program, as we know it.
Geeklust for SGIs
One of my co-workers was wondering why our monitoring system was alerting about a stock. Turns out, it was just Nortel, who is in the process of disappearing. And I taunted her and reduced her to tears about all of the cool tech companies that are no more, like SGI.
Today I'm going to blog about being hot. Oh, and no, not the hot as in "If you look at my pictures from last Bike To Work Day, you will realize that I've lost fat all over my body and now my belly is small enough that it doesn't roll down the top of my bike shorts" sort of hot. Although that is nice too...
Wrong Layer
The helicopter was funky...
The official version of the shoe story
Let's go back to around 1990, when I was in the midst grade school. Michael Jordan and the Bulls were rocking. Girls were wearing stirrup pants. Jean jackets were in. Hair metal was petering out but Grunge hadn't hit yet. I was living in Milford, Ohio, which was a suburb where upper-middle-class urban professionals and lower-class workers mingled...
It's not hard to knock out all communications to an area, I guess
So this morning, I was wondering why my cellphone was acting a little funny. It turns out that somebody got into a fiber optic cable vault and cut four very important fiber lines that contain a lion's share of the network connectivity over the bay area.
On things changing without me really recognizing it
It's actually fairly weird to be in the shape I'm in. See, I'm still pudgy in spots. I don't look like a fighter jet made of biceps. But I can ride for miles and miles and I can get myself going fast.
When does a habit become lifelong?
I know what's going to happen if I stop. The fattest I've ever been was the winter after my bike got stolen. I felt horribly meh that winter...
Peter Pan syndrome and casual shoes
or... how I''m mentally preparing myself for the trip to the shoe store, because I have to.
It's actually hard for me to boycot big companies these days...
Remember the whole Michael Phelps thing, where Kellogg dropped his mug from Wheaties because he got photographed smoking pot? You know how everybody went all gonzo on boycotting Kellogg for dropping a man for a "victimless crime"? Well, I kinda wanted to counter-boycott them by eating more Kellogg products, just because I know that if Michael Phelps had been caught doing a variety of alternative things that might annoy other people, even if they were not presently illegal, that he'd still get dropped.
15 years or so
It's been maybe 15 years or so since I've had a glass of Coke or Pepsi or Dr. Pepper or 7-Up or Sprite or most other sodas. The only one I can really summon a taste-memory of anymore is Dr. Pepper and 7-Up/Sprite. I can't even remember what Coke or Pepsi tasted like.