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On white women or bicyclists being where they shouldn't
Even though I'm not part of the 1% that's being bandied about of late.... I come from a decent amount of privilege. I'm a white male. I'm interested in women. I come from a middle-class lifestyle. I happen to be pretty good at a subject that allows me to work in a job where I can make a decent amount of money. And I try to understand this is largely about privilege that I have been born into, not entirely something I've earned...
Going forward from here ...or... flickr uncertainty and ennui
The latest round of flickr layoffs, some chats, and some obsessive hacking a few weekends ago has caused a few thoughts to come to the forefront.
A quick note in lieu of blacking out my site
I'm going to charitably assume that I don't need to actually black out my site and that all of my readers are well aware of the SOPA/PIPA bills going through congress at the moment..
Bare-ly running.
I'm not one for running. Especially on a treadmill. History has shown that, if given a choice between a treadmill and getting fat and depressed, I will choose to get fat. And I do like that my present state of fitness means that I can casually run a mile and not regret doing it, but I haven't traditionally sought it out.
The 1984 Regan election in a red state
The first presidential election I remember was when Regan, already the president, won in 1984...
Screw Black Friday and everything about it
Much of modern Christian ethics are oriented towards convincing that your middle-class life that is a life of privilege to most of the rest of the world and is completely unsustainable long-term is actually a reasonable, rational, responsible, humble lifestyle that God has given you.
A vision for the future
"Sure," might say, "But what does that really do? Because, without cars, how is the food you eat going to make it to your grocery store."
A few choice quotes from the resignation letter I turned in a few weeks ago...
Several months ago, I knew that I'd be quitting my job in the near-term future. So, in my usual particular fashion, I wrote my resignation letter and stored it on a file on my computer for when I'd need it. So that I'd have something nice to say...
Death before Monster Cable
I picked up two new toys of late. I'm not going to go into details of what because it's not important. But I can assure you that, because the consumer electronics industry loves to make things obsolete, I continue to not have a super-impressive home theater setup because I'm just not enough of a movie or TV watcher to pay the early adopter tax.
One silly misapprehension that's keeping you from getting active
A significant number of people I've met have one grievously silly misapprehension that's keeping them from getting enough activity to feel better and be in better shape...
SpaceX and manned spaceflight
I'm assuming it started in the late seventies, when corporations started wanting to get involved in the space business on their terms. There''s tons of failed dreams starting in the eighties and continuing until today that were trying to do what happened today -- a private-industry spacecraft.
10 reasons why I don''t bother playing video games anymore
When I started hearing about scary pieces of software that couldn''t be un-installed and would cause problems with your machine, I started realizing that purchasing games was just as dangerous as pirating them...