A few thoughts on Yahoo and Microsoft's respective troubles
When I was working at Yahoo!, Microsoft tried to acquire Yahoo!. And I generally thought of it as a bad idea. At the time, my feelings were that if the deal went through, it would almost certainly mean the end of both companies... and I wasn't too interested in working for Microsoft.
Prison sex and Robert Schiro... or a fate too vile and disgusting for my worst enemy
A good example of somebody who approaches the level of worst enemy would be something akin to Robert Schiro, who already has his license suspended, hit a cyclist with his BMW, leaving her crippled for life, then drove off and tried to hide the evidence. And then, while he was waiting for sentencing, got caught again for reckless driving. He also, by the way, complained that he doesn''t live near any grocery stores as an attempt to justify why he should be allowed to continue to drive after all these driving incidents...
On Ray Bradbury
One time, Kiki and I were talking about neon tubes and the usual standard of using a piece of paper to judge if the tubing had reached the annealing temperature. And both of us recited 451 degrees Fahrenheit as the ignition temperature of paper, at which point Christian pointed out that it''s not an exact number as it depends on the paper, which is why you also want to use a thermocouple to make sure that the right temperature has been reached and that you generally want to anneal at more like 700 degrees or so...
Almost Unchanging obsessiveness
If you go into the things I was obsessed with while younger, it was something like this...
Surviving the Survivor Mud Run
I've been training to run the Mud Run since mid January. And I guess I have to call it "training" because 90% of it wasn't really the sort of fun that going on an aimless biking ride that happens to go up a mountain or two is. And I recognize that becoming the sort of person who trains for an organized run is an odd and strange thing considering who I was.


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