Five random thoughts
Five random things on my brain last week.
The Obama vision of the space program
One of the basic lessons that they teach in places like business schools and need to spend a lot of time hammering into your head... because it feels so unnatural... is the sunk costs fallacy. Emotionally, we hate throwing out something we spent good money on. But sunk costs are gone forever, the only thing that matters are the costs in front of you.
End of 2009...
So far, June 24, 2007 is still looking like the date where everything changed...
The environmentalist debate is not a game of whack-a-mole
One of my friends posted a YouTube link that I''m not going to dignify with a link. The video was a twenty year old Mr. Wizard episode that the poster claimed "disproved the Climate Change Fraud". And my friend fell for it, hook, line, and sinker...
Can't do or Won't do?
Anything is better than another generation of kids who will grow up to ask why we are spending so much money on space exploration when we've got so many problems on Earth to fix first.


This is probably more information than you want to know.