On white women or bicyclists being where they shouldn't
Even though I'm not part of the 1% that's being bandied about of late.... I come from a decent amount of privilege. I'm a white male. I'm interested in women. I come from a middle-class lifestyle. I happen to be pretty good at a subject that allows me to work in a job where I can make a decent amount of money. And I try to understand this is largely about privilege that I have been born into, not entirely something I've earned...
Going forward from here ...or... flickr uncertainty and ennui
The latest round of flickr layoffs, some chats, and some obsessive hacking a few weekends ago has caused a few thoughts to come to the forefront.
A quick note in lieu of blacking out my site
I'm going to charitably assume that I don't need to actually black out my site and that all of my readers are well aware of the SOPA/PIPA bills going through congress at the moment..
Bare-ly running.
I'm not one for running. Especially on a treadmill. History has shown that, if given a choice between a treadmill and getting fat and depressed, I will choose to get fat. And I do like that my present state of fitness means that I can casually run a mile and not regret doing it, but I haven't traditionally sought it out.
The 1984 Regan election in a red state
The first presidential election I remember was when Regan, already the president, won in 1984...


This is probably more information than you want to know.