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I thought that Top Kill (BP's failed plan to stop the oil leak) sounded like a good industrial song. So I wrote one..

It, naturally, took a few tries and wasn't entirely successful. :D

I haven't done much recording in years. So there was a bit of re-learning. I need to borrow or buy a proper vocal mic so I can blame my studio technique instead of the microphone if I don't like the way things sound.

I used my fancy new bass guitar instead of samples. And the samples I did use are much higher quality than I was using before. Like the multisampled drums that come with the basic IK Multimedia SampleTank set. In fact, the basis for the tone came from the "Boom Baby" preset.

I tried to use some older CDs dating back from before the days of the loudness war as a sonic reference for how "loud" it should sound. Even so, I ended up using a bit of brick-wall limiting.

Production history

Came up with idea and sang a few bars (while showering) and quickly wrote down the lyrics in ABC format.
Started writing track in REAPER, recorded scratch guitar tracks and looped them.
Recorded guitar track
Scratch bass and vocals, completed first draft
Redid bass.
Redid vocals
Mixing and mastering

Instruments and Tools used

  • Ibanez RG470 electric guitar through Digitech Legend GSP-21
  • Ibanez SRX2EX1 electric bass to the board
  • IK Multimedia SampleTank 2.5 sampler
  • A really crappy old Radio Shack dynamic microphone
  • REAPER for recording, mixdown, mastering