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Vague roots of music

Since I was a little kid, I've had some sort of musical presence. My parents decided that my brother and I should take music lessons starting around first grade. I took them for years and got some pretty good piano chops before it all kinda tailed off and I lost interest.

Cyberspace Mode Overdrive

In the 1991-1992 timeframe, I had an Apple IIgs that could actually do a pretty good job of 8 bit sampled music, so I started playing with things. My brother had been introduced to industrial music and electronica and it ended up appealing to both of us. This was just as the eighties were tailing off musically and grunge was starting to hit... but I wasn't listening to very much of that.

I decided to write music. I called myself Cyberspace Mode Overdrive and kinda wanted to sound like Front 242 meets LaTour. Some of it sounds an awful lot like a monkey banging on a keyboard, honestly.

Wirehead's Revenge

In high school around 1997, I discovered the guitar after a bunch of influences all collided at the same time. I approached the guitar completely differently than the piano. From the piano, I was taught in a fairly technical fashion, where I had sheet music which I would be expected to play note-for-note from. This is why I got bored with things, pretty much.

With the guitar, I learned in a more free-form fashion. I didn't take lessons. I decided that being note-for-note accurate was the route to boredom, so I concentrated on being able to improvise. I did spend some time in guitar lessons until they tailed off.

Now, the guitar manufacturers generally put magic pixie dust in the guitar boxes so that you inhale the dust and want to be the lead guitar in a rock band. But you can't have a rock band without bass and drums, so I was stuck until I realized that I didn't need to have bass and drums, just a lead and the computer.

At this point, I was kind of seeing myself as a one man version of Stabbing Westward like they were on their first album (which most folks have never heard). It is at this point that I wrote some tunes that have stuck with me ever since, most notably Mirrorshades.

Cyberspace Mode Overdrive (again)

In 1997, I was a freshman in college. I had ideas, but none of them went anywhere. I did, however, write my own guitar-driven cover of Blue Monday by New Order before Orgy came along and stole my idea.

I took another step back and decided to do something new, yet again. This time it was listening to one of the lesser known Simple Minds albums. I wrote out a whole album in outline form and then slid in one of my better old songs.

After four years of college, I organized them all into an album called "From Titanium Sands", got married, and moved to San Francisco. I was working on more stuff, but then the flow of material stopped for five years and I lost touch with basically everybody I knew back then.