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Reliced instruments suck

I have a distinct memory from my childhood. See, I was taking piano lessons but I wasn't practicing regularly. Finally my dad points at a guitarist's well worn acoustic guitar and tells me "See, look at that woman's guitar! Do you think she had a machine to wear down that guitar? No! She practiced! That's how she got good!"

The irony is, these days, you can have a machine wear down your guitar in lieu of practice. Yep, sometime between when I last purchased musical gear and today, Fender developed a process for generating realistic wear and tear on an instrument, such that you can buy an instrument that looks like it's been played and dropped and banged around and allowed to corrode.

I think this is the height of stupid.

First, I really hate it when my stuff gets worn down. There's a ding on my guitar's headstock. It was a reminder that I wasn't being careful.

But second, it's turning a wonderful thing into a perverse prop. I've done plenty of photography with female models. And one meme I see a lot in model's portfolios is her posing with a guitar she can't actually play, as a prop. Given the psychosexual implications of the guitar, it's understandable... but I'm not interested in having any strange women stroking MY guitars.

This is the same thing. Except without the hot girl.