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I want to replace my MDR-NC5 headphones, but I'm stingy

So, if you've been reading along, you probably know about the MDR-V6 headphones that I have. And I like them even more since I replaced the stock headphones with the velour replacement pads intended for the Beyerdynamic DT250 headphones once the pleather pads it came with started to fall apart.

Now, I have one pair of 'em, that I splurged on. And so they live in my left-hand panniers on my bike.

But I've got a second set of headphones that I didn't so much buy as inherit. These are the headphones that live next to my desktop computer. And, since they don't get much use and I know that I can grab the MDR-V6's out of my bike bag and use them if I'm doing something serious, I haven't been too motivated to do anything about them. Pretty much, I grab them when I'm listening to youtube clips when somebody else is sleeping.

So my other set of headphones is a pair of Sony MDR-NC5's. I'm not sure what my wife paid for them, but she's tended to buy plug-style earphones ever since because that's smaller and more streamlined. They have noise reduction that does great work on white noise but the MDR-V6's are better for tuning out distracting noises... I tested this as part of assuring myself that the money I spent on my MDR-V6's was actually money well spent.

What I really want to do is buy another really nice set of headphones. Different than my MDR-V6's so that I can get a second perspective. I figure probably one of the Audio Technica open-air dynamic phones.

But I'm not interested in spending that much money. So, instead, I found on Amazon these cute little 2-5/16" or 60mm covers that was a few dollars for three sets. And so now those headphones look more-or-less like new.

One of my coworkers spent $300 on a pair of Bose noise-reduction headphones. And I spent a bunch of time teasing him about this.