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An old guitaring friend

The story of the Digitech Legend 21 goes something like this: When I'd just moved out to the valley out of college, one of my co-workers was giving away a rackmount FX processor he'd acquired from a friend to somebody who would love it. I'd set it up at my apartment and vaguely got the rest of the setup working so that I could play whenever.

My old guitar FX processor

I'd always wanted a truly industrial-sized guitar FX processor. Something about a giant rack of gear fits well with my guitarist superhero fantasies.

Eventually, the rent started going up at that place, so we decided to move to another place. In the process of moving, the stuff left for last was crammed into a box and put in storage. Thus, the Legend 21 ended up in an unlabeled box in our storage unit.

The entire time we lived in that place, I kept trying to figure out what the heck happened to the processor. I could, of course, sort through storage, but that was a long and drawn out process and I only made so much progress against that goal.

We moved again. I eventually realized that I didn't actually miss most of the stuff in the storage unit. Except for the books, the guitar processor, and some of my tools. Everything else was crap, more or less. So I started making runs, when I had time, to take a few boxes home, throw out the accumulated crap contained within, and then maybe take something else to storage. I started from the left and worked to the right.

Progress was made. Slowly. At one point, my wife pointed out that my brother-in-law and his wife had an acoustic guitar on a nice wall mount... and my friend Mike had his pair of guitars mounted on the wall... if such wall-mounts were expensive or something, given how convenient they made it to get to the guitar without requiring floor space.

Eventually, I realized that the number of boxes that could potentially contain an FX processor was fairly small. So I opened them all in the storage locker and found it.

Thing is, the amp I've got is too big and unwieldy right now. It's too big for the room. So I didn't want to drag it out of storage. And an unplugged electric guitar is just not much fun to play.

Thing is, I've missed the guitar. As soon as I plugged in the FX processor and my headphones, I remembered what was missing.

I discovered that the sound chip built into my motherboard isn't half bad, actually. It turns out that there's 6 plugs in the back, 3 of them dedicated to the 5.1 out, and the other three are flexible. This should let me avoid some of the problems my friend Mike was having with routing things in his musical setup.

I'm excited. I've got things set up such that the guitar plays through the computer's sound card, so I can just plug it in and play, even with background.