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What's happened since I've been gone...
or: How we've done nothing to make more interesting sounds since 2002 or so...
Adding more voices...
I've been finding that I'm not satisfied with the way that my music was coming out. I've been sitting down with the same software that I've used for years, the same basic instruments and samples as before, etc. I even found that with my guitar, all of the muscle memory is still there, except for the lack of calluses on my left hand and a little bit of playing speed...
The fingers remember...
I discovered that my fingers, other than needing to re-develop calluses, largely remember how to play the guitar...
An old guitaring friend
The story of the Digitech Legend 21 goes something like this...
Felix's Machines(via)
I think the thing that really sells this piece is how the LEDs trigger in sequence with the hammers of the instrument.
Electric musical saw(via)
You need to *cough* saw this instrument...
A new way of writing and organizing bits of music
For the longest time, my method of making a song and melody was to hash out vaguely poetic lyrics, then pick some chords to go with them, and then invent a melody and rhythm as I sang them the first time and figure out what stuck...
The Red Rig electronic drumkit of boldness(via)
Confession: I've wanted a Simmons-style hex drum kit ever since I first laid eyes on one on TV.
A move to dense CD packing
Ever see "High Fidelity"? You know, the John Cusack movie where the main character deals with his top five worst relationships and spends most of the movie organizing his record collection in autobiographical order?
Furby Gurdy version 2 (batch of 4)(via)
This is enough to give a dude nightmares. Four furbies hacked to be operated hurdy gurdy style.
Bent Pikachu looks like punk rocker(via)
It really does. And my roommate in college was into Pokemon for quite a while, so I grew to wish I had my very own pet Pikachu. Who wouldn't want a pet that could emit high voltage?
Fighting for actual dynamic range in music...(via)
I like this. Music needs subtle quiet bits. I hate how the newer music is always so *loud*, unnecessarily so, compared to the old stuff.
Toriton Plus: Another Music Controller(via)
Using water as a way to shape sounds. Quite incredible, actually
Yellow Drumming robot(via)
So if you've ever watched a drummer, especially one from marching band, you'll realize that they have a tendency to drum on... well.. just about anything. This robot perfectly replicates this behavior.
This is a super-crazy toy for electronic music. I want.