About my music

I've been doing music for a long long time. I'm either a bass or a baritone with a range that stretches up fairly high, and can play pretty much anything with frets, keyboards, or a sequencer. I was recording on the computer in the mid 90s before it was the cool, industry altering thing to do because I saw it coming ahead of time.

I have just enough musical theory knowledge to not be able to claim that I can't read music.

In 2002, I switched gears in a major way and went from being somebody known for his music to somebody known for his art. Between 2002 and 2010, I have done pretty much nothing with music. However, I've always vaguely wanted to get back into doing something, so I finally did.

A longer version of the history and People I've worked with

The music

Welcome to the New Millennium (Live)
This is a live version of "Welcome to the new Millennium".
The infamous pants sketch
Brent, Ash Wise, and I doing goofy things on stage.
Techno Improv (Y2K Courtyard show #1)
I was on the guitar, Ash Wise on the guitar, Peter Kuo on the keyboards, Mike O'Sullivan on the bass, and Manny on the drum machine. We aimed for the sort of weird techno that could be done live. It came out really REALLY odd.
The Launch
A musical spaceship launch.
I thought that Top Kill (BP's failed plan to stop the oil leak) sounded like a good industrial song. So I wrote one..

Music Blog

Drum samples: It's a trap!
When you start to have a group of musicians, you really need some way to keep all of them together in synch. In classical music, you tended to use a conductor to keep everybody on time, such that the drums are used as an accent. But jazz, rock, and blues all come from a different root and all of these bands really need a proper drummer to keep time...
Results from practicing, March 2012
So... a little over a month ago, I was at a friend's place, and was vaguely asked to play a song for people. And I vaguely responded with a line about being at a weird transitory period of my playing and being without a song to play for people...
I want to replace my MDR-NC5 headphones, but I'm stingy
So, if you've been reading along, you probably know about the MDR-V6 headphones that I have. And I like them even more since I replaced the stock headphones with the velour replacement pads intended for the Beyerdynamic DT250 headphones once the pleather ones started to fall apart.
The inharmonicity of standard tuning
I took some classes on experimental electronic music and such when I was in college and did some reading on my own since then... and so I've been exposed to some ideas in music that are way way way distant from the popular music norm. And I'm still not entirely sure what I really think about them so I'll write some thoughts up instead...
Sharps, flats, and patterns
The thing that I've come to appreciate about different instruments is the things that become easy or hard depending...
Today felt like a bit of a musical day
Today felt like a bit of a musically-oriented day. I hadn't had time to sit down and practice much this past week so I've got a bit of catch-up, I saw Emilie Autumn play on Thursday, and the mood was just striking me.
Effortful study and musical pedagogy at the start of 2012
So, at the start of 2012, I find myself with a rather nice musical setup that''s not getting nearly enough use.
The current setup at the start of 2012
I had some money to spend really working on my musical hardware over 2011, but I haven't really had the motivation, time, etc to actually use it...
The mic situation
Now, I mentioned previously about how I used to have access to a Shure Beta 58... but now all I've got is a cheap Radio Shack high-impedance microphone of uncertain vintage...
The elite club of Sony MDR-V6 owners
I notice that a decent percentage of my coworkers have MDR-V6's. And, when a coworker who was smart, got things done, and pleasant to work with from my last job interviewed at my present job, I pondered saying "Oh, you'll like him! He's another member of the MDR-V6 club!"

Music Reviews

Don't Be Afraid by the Information Society
I have a lot of old links pointing to this article that hasn't been present for a long long time, so I figure I should wrote something here. I found my old review in the Internet Archive and decided that I should really write it all over again. I'm a better writer now, and I can give more thoughts.