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This is an unsorted (but tagged) list of cool things other people have done and then posted their own set of instructions about how they did it that might be useful later for one of my own projects.

Strip an Inkjet Printer for Parts(via)
I've got a worthless ink jet printer. It's probably worth a stripping.
Candy tin fume extractor(via)
I usually just put a big fan in the window right next to my desk in the geekroom, but this might be nice...
Super simple serial terminal(via)
Uses an ATMega128 and an LCD and a keyboard for a micro serial terminal.
How to build a catapult(via)
This is a cute and well designed way to make a catapult.
Dick Cappels Project Pages(via)
A brilliant collection of useful AVR projects, with tons of useful extra information.
Simulated woodgrain for metal boxes(via)
Simulating woodgrain on a metal surface.
How to make your own Plastic Vacuum Former(via)
Another vacuum former project
Water me, Man!!!(via)
A soil moisture detector done cheap.
VGA Test Box(via)
I'm collecting microcontroller video-output projects, I guess.
VGA clock with USB interface(via)
I've always wanted to do a microcontroller project that outputs video.
LED Frosties(via)
No fancy sophisticated features, but it still looks really cool.
120,000 Volt Van De Graaff Generator(via)
I've wanted to make a Van De Graaff generator for years.
Squarecave DIY analog/digital synthesizer(via)
A synth that uses CMOS digital ICs and analog filters to make noise
Video overlay on an AVR
NiMH / NiCd Battery Charger(via)
A PIC battery charger.