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This is an unsorted (but tagged) list of cool things other people have done and then posted their own set of instructions about how they did it that might be useful later for one of my own projects.

How To Make A High Voltage Power Supply(via)
Always a handy piece of electronics, high voltage power supplies. :D
Grandular synthesis with an AVR.
AVR controlled RC plane(via)
This is somebody building something that I'd wanted to try building. Very cool.
Electronic minimalism - Intro(via)
This creative design for a light-sensing LED flasher uses the LEDs themselves as light sensors.
Run an uC from an AA-battery - Introduction(via)
I just found this on Hack a day. This dude's crazy, reducing things down to the most minimal hardware you can use. This project powers a microcontroller from a single AA battery with a switching power supply inside the microcontroller.