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This is an unsorted (but tagged) list of cool things other people have done and then posted their own set of instructions about how they did it that might be useful later for one of my own projects.

A very drool-worthy place to get electronic bits for cheap
LM555 Timer Circuits(via)
555 timer circuit reference, complete with calculators for the resistor values
Charlieplexed Displays(via)
Another resource on charlieplexing
Uzebox - ATMega Game Console(via)
A game console using an AVR as the CPU.
40 MHz frequency meter(via)
A frequency meter made out of an AVR
Laser Modem(via)
Uses a laser scavenged from a cheap laser level to send serial data.
Making Piezoelectric Crystals(via)
This looks too cool. Making your own piezoelectric crystals for fun and pyromania....
Mazeguy Dominoe Tricks(via)
How to make cool domino tricks
LED Cylinder(via)
A cylinder of individually-addressible LEDs.
How to build a microphone(via)
Making an inexpensive condenser microphone.
Craft AVR Demo(via)
One of the most impressive bits of AVR microcontroller work I've ever seen. Generates video and multi-track audio with a single 20MHz AVR chip. Oh yeah, and even does 3D graphics.
DIY Glowing Pushbutton Switches(via)
I like arcade buttons. This would be quite cool.
MAX6675 Thermocouple Project(via)
Measures up to 1800 degrees.
Charlieplexing LEDs(via)
Running tons of LEDs off of very few pins on a microcontroller
Free Four Color Screen Printing Press Plans(via)
Nice. I've never thought about building a four color screen printing press, but this looks awful cool.