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I don't do web design as my day job. But I do end up using my web design skills anyway, so I started collecting links.

CSS-Only, Table-less Forms(via)2008-07-04 01:08AM
Should re-create all of my forms in this style...
CSS Curly Quotes(via)2008-07-04 12:59AM
I love this curly quote technique so much I use it all the time in my site stylesheets
A Savvy Approach to Copyright Messaging(via)2008-07-04 12:58AM
I love this trick. It's awesome and incredibly useful. I'm using it on my sites.
How to make a bookmarklet(via)2008-07-04 12:55AM
Some pointers and tricks about making bookmarklets for web applications.
Rounded Rects(via)2008-05-18 05:57PM
I like this particular technique for rounded rects using HTML + CSS
Everybody forgot about client certificates(via)2008-02-22 11:23AM
I remember looking into client certificates somewhere around 1999. So, yeah, this is astonishingly right.

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