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A screencast is NOT a replacement for documentation

I think I might have been sleeping when screencasts became so popular, because it seems that every site is now pushing their screencasts on you...

More recently, I'm seeing pieces of software where the ONLY documentation is a screencast.

So why can't you use screencasts as documentation?

I know I'm not alone in this.... if for no other reason than the audiobook section in every bookstore I've ever been in is smaller than the book section.

So, please. Don't rely on a screencast. It's like trying to rely on balloon help or a "tip of the day". Remember balloon help and tips of the day?

Posted by acej :
Who says screencast is a replacement for documents?

Screencast serve as a medium in case you are wondering
how things to be done. Its like a newbie guide. Some doesnt
understand english very well. So it was like :

Tagalog : "Ah Ganuon pala yun."

English : "Oh, so thats how it is."

Hope you get the point. And see the real concept of the
Posted by Wirehead :
@acej I'll be sure to remember that next time I see a piece of software where the only piece of documentation is a screencast.