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Savvy copyright messaging with responsive images
A long long time ago, I followed Derek Powazek's "Savvy Approach to Copyright Messaging" because, of all of the possible ways to reduce the chances of my images getting borrowed by other folks on the Internet, it seemed to be the best. I see DRM as a fairly dangerous technical equivalent of fighting windmills... It only works if you create a set of laws to enforce compliance which only serves to create new and more annoying problems for the world. And obtrusive watermarks are just lame and ruin the enjoyment of the image. By comparison, Derek's method adds a little nubbin on the bottom of the image, but then hides it. Which means that the second you view the image outside of the context of the hosting site, you see a reference to where it came from. However, as I'm moving all of the sites I host over to the new rm3 engine, I wanted to figure out how to make that trick work with responsive images, which I haven't seen anyone document how to do yet.