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Keyboards vs. Whatever
Ever have a discussion between somebody where you described something of crucial importance to you and had them shrug their shoulders back at you?

I'm realizing that, as far as phone input goes, it's kind of like that.
Unsorted iPad and Android thoughts
I got an iPad at work as a reward for exactly how above-and-beyond I've gone. Which is coincidentally not very long after I got myself a Motorola Droid and said a number of things about Steve Jobs' mother to Ajit. Which now means that Ajit got a lot of joy out of congratulating me on acquiring my new Apple toy...
The Apple II rule
All useful computing devices must be able to emulate an Apple IIe (or Commodore 64, for that matter). If you aren't allowed to, it's too restricted. If it's not capable of it, it's too slow. If nobody's ported an emulator yet, it sucks or is too hard to program.
I finally got a Droid
Because you know the only reason why the PADDs on Star Trek beeped was to keep Worf from playing Doom 97 while Riker droned on...