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The VX6800
So, previously, I wrote about my new VX6800 phone mostly based on my experiences with Windows Mobile 6. That's stuff that's wrong or quirky or positive with my phone that Microsoft can take most of the credit for. But what about the phone itself?
Dear FriendFeed developers
My feature request for FriendFeed.
Windows Mobile 6 and the VX6800
So, I finally decided upon the VX6800 to replace my old Motorola Q. I played around with both the VX6800 and the SCH-i760, both having the required features of a keyboard, a touch-screen, wifi, a camera, and an OS that will let me install SSH without a jailbreak.
Still working on the narrative
I've decided that the site is a little too me-centric and wanted to play with the layout some.