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Some observations on rebuilding a box with Ubuntu
Thoughts about installing Ubuntu... and some hard drive failure fun.
Query anything with SQLite Virtual Tables(via)
This looks interesting. I use SQLite in PhotoHub and there might be some neat tricks to be had there.
Makes a whole new way to construct a Ruby object that's simpler and more declarative. I've come to love languages where you can pull stunts like this...
Excel the 3D environment(via)
I'm not entirely sure if this is a massive leg-pull or if this is something useful.
A screencast is NOT a replacement for documentation
Why you shouldn't use screencasts as the sole source of documentation.
So you hacked our site!(via)
This is great. There's a continual chain of bottom-feeder-companies out there who specialize in selling an entry in a directory that everybody just tosses in the trash bin for $$$$$. Combine that with the desire to spend as little money on things that don't impress the clients and a desire to not have prospective clients be able to call up existing clients to find out how useless the service really is....