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When Apple will offer OS X on the PC
Every now and again people start talking about when Apple's going to release a version of OS X for the PC... I thought I'd write out my version of when I think it's likely to happen.
Gentoo was not a good idea
I'm kinda sick of Gentoo.
New web content engine: Part 5
I've got a new version of Rm installed, mostly with behind-the-scenes tweaks to let me do more things with it. I already like being able to go to the site and edit a page like a wiki. Plus, The site didn't die a nasty death when it started getting traffic.
New web content engine: Part 4
If you can read this, the new engine is live. One of my ex-cow-orkers was making fun of me that this would take over a year... and it did, although mostly because I stopped working on it for a while.
New web content engine: Part 3
I got distracted by a few big things in my life of late, so I put the code away for a while. Lately, because I've been wanting to change gears a little bit on my recreational coding, I went back and dusted off my code and took a fresh perspective on things.