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Upgrading major versions of PostgreSQL with Debian or Ubuntu
One problem with PostgreSQL as compared to MySQL is that PostgreSQL is a *real* database, whereas MySQL is a bunch of hacks. This means that PostgreSQL doesn't let you just drop a new version of the executable on an old database file. Which is pretty much the way that real databases prefer to work.
Time For Palm To Drop WebOS And Embrace Android(via)
I agree with this post. Especially if you realize that Palm could probably recycle some portion of their WebOS effort to make an alternative to the standard Google look-and-feel.
Little bit o' Droid-lust
My VX6800 has been falling apart, of late. Since nothing out there was really impressing me enough to spend money, I took it to the Verizon store, complained about how the keyboard wasn't working, allowed the rep to test the phone to verify that it was, in fact, not working, and got a new refurbished VX6800. But then I started hearing about the Droid...
Why I'm not excited about Windows CE and Windows Mobile anymore
Long time readers of the blog have noted that I've been using Windows CE in various forms for quite a long time, largely by accident or because I like to think even more different than your average Apple user...
Cloud and the Sidekick-opalypse
One thing that bugs the crap out of me about this whole "Cloud" thing is that there's a few different moving parts that are sold as one amorphous cloudy bloby thing. The details are often hidden from view, at a different level of abstraction, so you don't think of them. On the other hand, I do think about it, and I've spent enough time in the biz that I've seen some of the popular ways to store data in action...
Really, bad web design turns people off
Now, I haven't designed web pages professionally since the nineties, having realized that the dotcom crash was coming partway through college...
Is spatial ability the "Geek Gene"?(via)
I totally think that spatial reasoning is part of the "geek gene".
New web content engine, part 11
So I've been wanting to better topical-ize my content. And I also wanted to better support FriendFeed. So I spent some time on the syndication support...
Ruby Mixin Tutorial(via)
Some pointers about how to use mixins within Ruby.
'Saved from hacking my VX6800'
Picking a device based on wishful thinking never works out in the end. When I was using my Motorola v710, there were a lot of pissed off folks who bought it under the idea that one day somebody would enable the rest of the Bluetooth functionality. I wasn't nearly as annoyed simply because I accepted that I was getting a set of features on my phone and I wasn't getting others. It would have been nice, but I didn't need them.
The VX6800
So, previously, I wrote about my new VX6800 phone mostly based on my experiences with Windows Mobile 6. That's stuff that's wrong or quirky or positive with my phone that Microsoft can take most of the credit for. But what about the phone itself?
Dear FriendFeed developers
My feature request for FriendFeed.
Windows Mobile 6 and the VX6800
So, I finally decided upon the VX6800 to replace my old Motorola Q. I played around with both the VX6800 and the SCH-i760, both having the required features of a keyboard, a touch-screen, wifi, a camera, and an OS that will let me install SSH without a jailbreak.
Still working on the narrative
I've decided that the site is a little too me-centric and wanted to play with the layout some.