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There's a lot of noise on the Internet about BikesDirect bikes.

If you get down to brass tacks, there's a fairly small number of companies who make parts for everybody. There's a fairly small number of bike makers in Taiwan and China who make frames. And that's where the majority of reasonably priced bikes come from.

As such, there's not much really different between a BikesDirect bike and something you'd get from the local bike shop. But they still purchased a bunch of old brand names so that you'd get the warm and fuzzy feeling that you were actually getting a brand-name bike.

So, the visual inspection of the frame showed clean weld beads, holes in the right places, etc.

It's got a mostly Ultegra 6700 group. I'm obsessive-compulsive and I like how the handlebars are clean. But I don't really like Campy's shifting system nor do I like SRAM's lack of a triple. Although the crankset is made by SRAM, ironically. It was advertised as having a 12-25 cassette, but it really has an 11-28.

The frame is a flat-top traditional-geometry frame instead of the compact-geometry of a lot of more modern bikes. And it's all aluminum, except for the carbon-wrapped seatpost and the carbon-fiber fork.

The wheels aren't great. They are Vuelta VXP Pro wheels, they go out of true a bit too easily, and they aren't especially light compared to other similar wheels. They are slated for replacement once I get over replacing a perfectly good wheel.

Pretty much instantly, I put on a some real SPD pedals and a rack.

I've got 25mm Schwalbe Marathons on it right now.

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