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The drivetrain parts are mostly the lower end mountain Shimano parts -- Acera, Avilio, and Altus. It's got paddle shifters and indexed shifting. It's got an aluminum frame and I've got the 22" version. It already came with bar ends (which I rather like) and a rear rack (which I wanted anyway) and toe clips. (which are too small for my feet and had to go)

You want to know what the most Police part of the bike is? The rear hub. It's much silent quieter than other bikes. When I got it, I was thinking that I was getting a lot of wheel noise, when I realized it was just that I WASN'T getting any rear hub noise...

The bolt-on hardware is likely worth more than the rest of the bike. Perhaps. Right now, I've got a Garmin 315 as the cyclecomputer, a Cateye HL-EL320 on a Minoura Besso on the fork, a Planet Bike Blaze 1W on the bars, a NightRider Cherry Bomb and a Planet Bike Spok on the back and a Cateye TL-LD500 on the rack.

I started out with a pair of Kenda Police tires (which are really just some normal 26x1.95 Kenda tires with fancy reflective strips on the side). The rear tire went first, so I read Sheldon's advice beforehand (and the guy at the bike store knew who Sheldon was.. :D) so I now have a 26x1.5 semi-slick in the back. I've got a 26x1.75 Vittoria Adventure Trail with a little more tread in the front. It came with Alex DM-18 rims, but they weren't built especially well, so the rear one is now built with a Sun Rhyno Lite rim instead.

I have a clip-on front fender for rainy season.

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