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Posted by Eric Moritz :
I originally bought a Marin Muirwood and slapped fenders and a rack for commuting because it had everything: disc brakes, big fat tires, and plenty of gears. Then I realized I was only using three gears on my commute. I started to think that I could get away with a fixed gear bike, so I built one up from an old Peugeot frame.

Fixie/Singlespeeds are awesome for simple commutes. At least for my commute in the Winter, it's a good solution. My legs stay strong when I'm not doing regular road rides. I don't need a pannier when it's cold enough to keep the sweat low. So for me, a fixed gear is a great Winter commuter. Despite being a hilly commute, my legs have adapted. I was surprised what I could climb when I had no option. My only complaint is descents are annoying.

I'm certain that I'll start using the Muirwood again when it gets warm, but as long as the temps stay below 70 the fixed gear gets the job done.