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Posted by Matt :
It's a tough call sometimes. I understand what your saying to a point. I have 3 mountain bikes. My first has v-brakes! It's been reduced to a loaner, my nephew uses it most of the time. My other two are disc brakes. The v-brakes still work great. We don't ride in mud or rain so that's where I'm sure the differences will show up. I haven't ever adjusted the v-brakes except for the barrel adjustments at the lever. I have adjusted the disc brakes a lot more. I think the thickness of the pads makes the adjustment less with v-brakes. Disc pads clearly can't be as thick as v-brakes. Now, one clear advantage is when taking the front wheel off for top loading on a vehicle. I use a fork lock. The discs are no issue, the wheel just drops out. The v-brake has to be uncoupled to get the tire out. Not a major issue, but still annoying. Overall, I would never go back to v-brakes. I feel the disc brakes have more 'on the fly' adjustability without them dragging. They have more stopping power in all conditions. I can make them lock up with the slightest pull on the lever or give the lever lots of play and not have any drag on the disc where the v-brakes will drag on the wheel. Especially if the wheel has any bend at all, the v-brakes rub. Discs don't warp that easily. It's definitely not a cut and dry situation.