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Posted by reese :
I recently purchased tires for Blue. Seeing as she has 27 1/4" wheels, I was pretty limited in my choices and ended up with the Schwalbe Marathons, with reflective sidewall.

I have heard great thing about Gatorskins from friends, and I've had a pair of Armadillos on Dennis and they were pretty flat-resistant.

But anyway, back to the Marathons.

They are a little tight to get on, but they have worked like a charm. I've only ridden them for a couple months, but I haven't had any problems with them at all. I love the reflective sidewall because it makes me feel a bit more secure in the dark with cars lurking. They don't seem to be very heavy (not that I will notice on my ridiculously heavy steel-framed bike). But anyway... I do recommend them, except I had a little difficulty at first bc they rubbed on my very close-profile fenders, but a few adjustments fixed that.