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One of the biggest deterrents to cycling instead of driving
One of my co-workers got himself a bike and told all of us that he was going to start biking to work instead of driving. But, three days later, it was stolen from in front of his apartment...
The Speed Cruiser Manifesto(via)
I sometimes think of my bike as a speed cruiser that can still work as a mountain bike.
Palo Alto complaining about high speed rail
There was a big dustup about the California High Speed Rail and Caltrain partnership. Now that voters have approved the line, now we get to see how expensive it will be after everybody realizes there will be rail running through their backyard...
Going clipless..
I try and see if clipless pedals actually make any real difference.
Spot Tracker Review(via)
I kinda want one o' these now. It's a GPS-based tracker that doesn't use the cell phone networks but a satellite service. Has a "Summon help" option.
Introducing Bayonet Bars
Think that an "attack" that doesn't involves weapons as being too wussy for a manly road biker like yourself? Tired of beating another rider soundly in the prologue to the stage race, only to have him catch up to you later? Want to REALLY know why aerobars are banned in all mass-start event?
Many reasons why you shouldn't buy a bike from Walmart(via)
I'm thankful for friends who will talk you out of department store bikes (Although, to be fair, I don't think they used to be as bad as they are today)
Busted Carbon(via)
Want to look at pictures of broken bikes? This is the blog for you. :D
Four car keys
So I managed to misplace my set of keys while in Borrego Springs. There were a few places they could be, and it turns out they were at a restaurant we had dinner at after the ride....
Tour of Borrego
I rode 66 out of 80 miles through the desert on the Tour of Borrego a little over a week ago. I'll tell you, the looks I got from co-workers when I told them I was going to ride 80 miles through the desert were worth every penny I spent making it happen...
Bikes and the Blue Ocean - Cyclelicious(via)
I like this post. I spend some of my time now inside of the 20%, but I'm cycling because I'm in the 80%.
Too energetic on the commute
If I ride home at a "normal" pace, it's not enough of a workout anymore...
The impotent feeling you get, over a year after somebody jacked your bike
So, my bike's brake shoes are about spent. There's a smidgen of brake compound left, and then it's metal-to-metal and I'd like to avoid that.

My first thought was "Gee, my bike's gone long enough before being stolen that I've been able to wear down the brake pads".
Climbing most of the way up Mt. Hamilton for the first time
It turns out, at least out here in California, if you want to do anything truly interesting on the bike, you need to be able to deal with a lot of climbing. And climbing is actually kind of hard for me, because climbing is very much a power-to-weight sort of thing and, despite getting lighter recently, I've got a good amount of excess weight. So, while I can sprint up a short hill at 20mph, long hills present a problem...