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Bike Party: Crossdressing Ride
This month's theme: Crossdressing (I didn't participate). Starting in Santa Clara, going North.
This is what's wrong with America today
You want to know what happened to me while I was riding through San Jose a few weeks ago?
Cycling, MP3 players, and my new jersey
I got myself a new cycling jersey, to celebrate that I can wear a cycling jersey and not look Fred, and it's got a special MP3 player pocket. I showed it to the boss (who, as regular readers know, is a hardcore triathlete) and the first thing out of his mouth after asking about the back pockets was along the lines of "MP3 pocket? As if we didn't have enough trouble with getting run over already!"
A words about riding, now that you've been doing it
So, I wrote earlier about what you should know if you wanted to get started riding to work. Now I'm going to write about a bunch of stuff that isn't necessary on the first day you start riding, but I think make the whole experience easier...
Had Joy along for a long ride...
I talked Joy into going on a Wirehead Long Ride.
Make ice cream with your bike(via)
The neat part is that you can set this up in a fairly field-expedient fashion, instead of being a sophisticated expensive machine like the Bike Blender.
I am not buying anything Topeak ever again
I've had about two too many Topeak products fail me in the past month. They might look nicely designed, but I need bike accessories I can actually rely upon.
Bike Party: Beach Blanket Bike Along
The Beach Blanket Bike Along ride for Bike Party, plus the difference between direct action and shouting in somebody's face...
More Water Bottle Thoughts (or: I'm right that Sigg bottles have BPA in them)
I wrote about my water bottles some months ago. And I'd written a draft blog article that I never posted about water bottles. And then I read the news that Sigg water bottles, which everybody's been buying big-time because they don't contain BPA, contain BPA.
Geeking out about water bottles
I biked to Sports Basement and spent a bunch of time in front of the exhaustive display of fancy water bottles. I'm sick of the plastic taste coming from plastic-taste-free bottles, mildly perturbed by the whole BPA thing, want to carry more water, and would like my water bottles to look a little more spiffy.
It's all about PERFORMANCE(via)
Cyclelicious found this. As you can see, the world needed cycling rap videos.
It's about wasted weight, not being a weight weenie
I like the Velo Orange folks. I'm not a fanatical fan of french bikes, but I applaud their interest in offering alternatives to modern carbon fiber disposable racing machines. So I browse their blog sometimes. Recently, Chris posted about weight, and how he suggests that cyclists worry too much about it...
Belt and suspenders or Don't Worry, I was a Boy Scout
In biking, it's better to be the belt and suspenders sort of rider. Especially going long distances.

(All of my British friends: quit snickering!)
Seat position really does matter
For a few weeks this past month, I was worried that my biking skills were on the decline. Maybe I was loosing weight too fast. Or maybe something was wrong with my bike. Or something like that. Also, one of my hand muscles... coincidentally the one used for shifting, was hurting REAL BAD...
Officially Not Watching The Tour De France
I'd just like to remind everybody that I'm officially not watching the Tour de France...