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Morning doughnuts(via)
I had several thoughts. First, that Reese rocks. Second, that I'm glad that, were I to be a Caltrain rider, that I can now have doughnuts. Third, that I'm missing out on a major opportunity to hang with the cool cycling kids because I don't have CalTrain as part of my ride.
Bike highlights for 2009
I biked 3811 miles, lost 14 pounds, got better at hill climbing, and more...
Comfort Road and Cyclocross frames
I've been trying some road bikes out, looking for my road bike. I want to do it right, so I've been taking it slowly. I took a few more on Saturday out for test rides. I tried them all "the right way" where I wore my usual set of bike clothes and made the salespeople put on the right sort of pedals and adjust the seat height. For the more recent rides, now that I've got my Garmin 305, I started a new lap and put it in my jersey pocket so I could make sure that it really was faster and wasn't just feeling like it was faster for vaguely the same reason why a car with bucket seats feels faster than a car with a bench front and back.
Christmas Bike 2009
Decking the bike instead of the halls.
Highway 9 improvements for bicycles get funding approved(via)
The thing to remember about bikes on mountain roads is that all non-wuss cyclists can descend at the speed limit. Whereas, even really good Olympic-class cyclists probably will be decidedly slower than the speed limit going up.

Hence, in theory, you only need to make wide shoulders on one side. However, if you do that, you'll rapidly discover yourself being knocked down while riding up by somebody who's brave enough to descend a hill at 35+ mph but not brave enough to do it in traffic. So I'm sure that they will probably end up having to add more shoulder than is strictly necessary. But the CA-9 needs shoulders in the zone between Skyline and Saratoga. I tend to avoid riding up it, just down.
Bikes should be as simple as possible, but no simpler
Einstein one said that things should be "as simple as possible, but no simpler".
Helmets and why I wear them but do not tell you to
I, personally, wear a helmet whenever I ride. The mental association is such that if I drive or walk down certain streets, I feel like there ought to be something on my head. But I also make sure that people know that helmets are not compulsory for adults in California....
Other cyclists are my biking brethren. Until you run down my friends...
Overall, I'd like to think of the other cyclists on the road as my biking brethren. We are all disadvantaged users of the road. Even the fixie riders and slow people in expensive carbon fiber bikes...
Compare and Contrast(via)
Audi's "do your part" commercial compared to reality.
A few thoughts on bike safety and electric car noise
Noise pollution is a bad thing. It takes quite a loud noise for people to start dropping dead the instant they hear it, there's plenty of research that shows that it is, in fact, not just a nuisance but causes health effects to man and animal alike. On the other hand, getting run over by cars is also a bad thing.. and car noises is one way to detect that a car is near you.
Why my next bike will have drop handlebars (and why I want drops on my mountain bike)
If you are not a cyclist, any bike with drop handlebars is a "Road" bike and any bike with flat handlebars is a "Mountain" bike. If the person looks silly on the bike, it's probably a "BMX" bike. If the bike looks like an old Schwinn, it's a "Cruiser". If the bike looks like something you'd find in Europe, it's a "City Bike".
Some thoughts on Cyclecomputers
...or, do I want the Sigma ROX 9.0 or the Garmin Edge 305?
The road bike hunt
Given that I've discovered that I like long rides on my bike very much, the thought of getting a bike more appropriate to such rides has occurred to me. After all, I'm on a $400 low-end cross-country hardtail mountain bike. So I've been researching. I haven't ridden on a road bike in at least a decade... and when I did, it had stem shifters and suicide levers, so I wasn't exactly riding it the way road bikes were intended to be ridden...
Let the wookie win
In many situations while biking, sometimes it's better to let the wookie win...
Cold and wet weather and my footsies
how biking in the rain gets harder with breathable clipless bike shoes and how nobody's helping...