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Why don’t I dress up like a traffic cone?(via)
This is pretty much the reason why I bike in jeans most of the time...
2011 200km Lighthouse brevet prep
Last year, I did the 200km Lighthouse brevet on a mountain bike, crashed, and walked my bike to the finish. This year, I aimed to do it on my new road bike and to not crash...
2011 200km Lighthouse brevet prep
I'm signed up for the Point Reyes brevet with the San Francisco Randonneurs next weekend. This was, for a while, a cause of a certain amount of bellyaching...
Pioneer engineers Android-powered cyclocomputer(via)
Garmin has been fat and lazy, being the only real provider of GPS units for the bike, so it's good that Pioneer is also in the marketplace... albeit, a soon-to-be-smaller marketplace given that most riders are going to be happy enough with an iPhone in a handlebar mount.
New bike shorts... or how I understand women much better now
Even though I'm saving an insane amount of money because I don't drive most of the time, I still hate spending too much money on bike stuff. Even though it's one of the activities I do extremely consistently, it still feels like a little bit of affectation...
Opinion: Helmet debate saps energy we need to increase light use(via)
A helmet saved me from a concussion and maybe worse.

But I still think that getting people to ride with lights at night is probably more important than getting people to ride with a helmet.
Brakes break
I was riding last weekend on a group ride and, before I started, one of the guys reminded me that the quick release on my front brake was open....
Floodgates Open at Moffett Field(via)
I've been waiting for years for this trail to open up.

Sadly, I missed the festivities.
Unlike the rest of America, I'm not eating enough salt...
I've been feeling kinda cruddy for the past few weeks. I'm better now. The story of this is a bit interesting, however...
I think I'll drink my ethanol, thanks
Since I upgraded my cyclecomputer, I've ridden 2406 miles. If I were to have driven that distance in my wife's car, that's maybe 80 gallons of gasoline. My cyclecomputer tells me that I burned 188,155 calories (food calories, actually a kcal). That's about 349 big macs or 0.13 barrels of oil equivalent (equivalent to the energy stored in 42 US gallons of crude oil). Less than half (46%) of a barrel is able to be turned into gasoline.. but in terms of gasoline energy, we're talking 6.288 gallons worth.
Klean Kanteen Sport Cap 2.0 Recall(via)
I was wondering why it was so hard to find Klean Kanteen bottles of late with the sport top. Then I checked the website.

I had a bottle fail in this fashion. But I wouldn't regard it as anything too critical. Not like metal bottles advertised as being an alternative to BPA-containing plastic bottles that also contain BPA.
DIY Bike Fitting(via)
I thought of posting an April Fools gag, but this one takes the cake this year...
Starting the process of dialing the new bike in
I formally decided to get a BikesDirect bike and then move the parts over to a new frame with a more reasonable set of wheels in the next few months because that's the cheapest way to make the exact bike I want...