Welcome to WireWorld. It serves no other major purpose to waste the Wirehead's time, entertain, and let you know a little bit about the Wirehead.

Recent updates:

What the link section in a hypermedia API showed me about specifying hypermedia...
What if we stopped trying to write specs for new general-purpose hypermedia formats and redirected our efforts in a different direction?
PhotoHub is a little project of mine for photo management. I got annoyed with the tools on the market and figured I could, given some time, do better. I switch between this and Rm, depending on which I'm more in the mood to work with.
This website should look a little different now
It's generally regarded as stupid to spend a bunch of time writing your own CMS. It's the website equivalent of spending hours fiddling with your vi config. Or the software equivalent of sorting your record collection in biographical order...
How I put this site together...